Baa Baa Blacksheep Project

The Baa Baa Blacksheep Project is one of Nannie CanDo's easy kids crafts, that can not only teach and encourage imagination and creativity but at the same time can produce a great collectible keepsake.

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Watch the video below with your little Poppits and when you are ready make up a collage picture of the nursery rhyme with them.

Materials you will need

  • Plain or colored piece of paper or cardboard
  • Cut outs for the Master, the Dame and the little boy (get the little ones to color them in)
  • Cotton wool for the sheep bodies
  • Bobble eyes
  • Little bits of material made up into bags and numbered

  • Sticks for the fence or use icy pole sticks
  • glue, scissors and crayons.

I would love to see what you have come up with. Why not share your Creation with all of us here and at the same time have your very own page up on Nannie CanDo's Can Do Kids Crafts site.

Hop on over here and show us Your special craft creation

It will take you to a form, just follow the prompts to create your very own page.

Throughout the site you will find more little videos like this that you can make into 3D collage pictures.

Display them around their bedroom, you could even frame them up making sure that the Poppit's names are displayed well.

Collect the whole series of them and they will make great keepsakes to look at later on when the kids are older.

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