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In Nannie CanDo's Cheap Halloween Costumes wardrobe we find The Pumpkin Costume which can be made easily using very basic materials that don't cost a fortune, you end up making cute Halloween costumes for children that are simple and fun to wear out on that next trick or treat adventure.

pumpkin leaves

cute halloween costumesThe idea for this pumpkin costume came from this picture on the left.

Nannie CanDo gets a lot of her inspiration for her halloween Craft Ideas from looking at Halloween photos on Flickr and then working out if simple, easy crafts can be made by the little ones.

This idea below is fun and very easy to follow.

Growing pumpkins can be a fun thing to do before Halloween arrives.

The children will love to get involved in growing their very own own pumpkin decoration.

Want to know How to grow pumpkins? Let my friend Robyn show you how.

pumpkin patch

Materials Required

  • Newspaper scrunched up or you could thread up lots of scrap paper
  • 1 orange garbage bag- the type that you tie at the top
  • Scissors
  • Black paint and paint brush or thick black texta

    Or you could use black construction paper

  • Glue or black tape

  • Green silk vine leaves, similar in appearance to pumpkin leaves, see the picture above
  • Green or black tights
  • Black or green skivvy or T-shirt
  • Several pipe cleaners/chenille stems


  • Carefully cut 2 holes in the bottom of the garbage bag large enough for your little ones to fit their legs through, reinforce the edge with tape
  • Cut 2 holes out where the arms will go and reinforce the edge with tape

  • If you are using construction paper then cut out 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth and glue or stick onto the bag
  • At the top of the bag attach or glue the leaves into place

    You could even attach a few leaves to strands of green wool and hang them from the top of the bag

  • Thread your dressed Poppit into the bag feet first with the face of the pumpkin at the front
  • Stuff the bagged Poppit with the newspaper or shredded scrap paper
  • Tie at the top
  • Make a garland of silk leaves using the pipe cleaners. Glue the leaves on and wind around your Poppit's head securing the ends
  • If you like you could get your little one to paint their face

kids in pumpkin costumes

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