Shaping Chenille Pipe Cleaners

Tips And Techniques

Nannie CanDo shows you how to shape Chenille Pipe Cleaners into all sorts of interesting creations.

This is combined with other useful tit bits to help create fun, easy kids crafts to keep your Poppit amused for hours on end...just be careful because the ends of the stems can be sharp!

Craft Materials To Use

  • Colored Pipe Cleaners of all shapes,sizes and thicknesses
  • Pencil or marker
  • Glue, craft or hot melt
  • decorations: pom poms, googly eyes, sequins, feathers, wool scraps, material scraps
  • Scrap paper

S Shape

S shaped chenille pipe cleaners

  • Mark the shape on paper
  • Bend the pipe cleaner along the outline

    Can use this for a tail, letter, curly hair

Zig Zag

shape chenille pipe cleaners into z's

  • Cut the pipe cleaner into 3 parts
  • Bend each of these into halves and then each of these halves bend into z shapes.

    Makes great hair

Arms and Legs

chenille pipe cleaners shaped into legs and arms

  • Cut the pipe cleaner into appropriate lengths for arms and legs
  • With a pencil or marker wrap the ends around to form feet and hands
  • You can bend the lengths in half, like a V shape

Flower Head

flower head chenille pipe cleaners

  • Take a thin pencil or skewer and wind the pipe cleaner around it
  • Remove the center mold and form a circle joining the ends.
  • Attach a chenille pipe cleaner stem to the flower head and double loop a smaller piece of pipe cleaner attaching it to the stem as leaves.

Chenille Stem Critters

chenille pipe cleaner animals collage

chenille pipe cleaner critters

  • Take a pencil, marker or thick skewer and wrap the pipe cleaner around it
  • Gently remove the central mold and squish the pipe cleaner together between the thumb and forefinger
  • Glue pom poms, and other bits and pieces to make all sorts of crazy critters

chenille pipe cleaners animal stage play

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