Easy Easter Bonnet

Part 1 - The Easter Paper Hat

How do you make an Easter bonnet when you have nothing 'fancy' in the house to do it with? All you need is a few basics that you are likely to have around if there's kids in the house...

Making a Super Easy Easter Bonnet
The Paper Hat

Materials you will need

paper easter bonnet

  • sheets of white paper
  • `Paints/Crayons/Textas
  • Stickers
  • Feathers
  • Crepe paper
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    • Tape the paper together
    • Decorate one side with all sorts of bits and pieces.

      You could draw Easter eggs and bunnies and flowers and chickens and....

    • Cut a long strip of crepe paper, long enough to go over the hat and tie in a big bow under the chin
    • Glue this along the center of the decorated, taped paper

    row of Easter eggs

    speech bubble buttonYears ago Easter hats were not even bonnets - they were a wreath or garland of leaves, twigs and flowers worn on the head to celebrate the coming of Spring.

    At Springtime we celebrate new life, new beginnings and it has become traditional to be seen in new spring fashions, including the hat. In the northern hemisphere Easter coincides with the season of Spring hence the term used..."Easter Hat or Bonnet"

    Early Christianity celebrated white week where newly baptized Christians wore white linen robes for the week to celebrate their rebirth and new life and the parishioners wore new clothes and hats to show their support.

    Since the early 1870's the Easter Parade in New York has become a huge tradition with the Easter Headdress playing a major role.

    In many schools throughout the world this Easter Hat or Bonnet Parade has become a fun time to rejoice and celebrate the birth of new life and new beginnings.

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