Easter Bunny Ears

by Mandy

Soak the Sponge

Soak the Sponge

Soak the Sponge
Painted Footprints
Making Bunny Ears
Oue Easter Family Portrait

Easter Bunny Ears

We decided to make some Easter Bunny Ears. Secretly I was hoping to get a 'kids photo' that I can frame and pull out every Easter, long after they stop let me dress them up!

Mission Accomplished!

For this activity, we needed:

White Cardboard (I actually had a thicker card for the ears and not so thick for around the head)

# Pink Paint

# A bowl

# A sponge

# Scissors

# Stapler

# Glue (I used my hot glue gun)

# Bucket of warm water and towel for cleaning feet

Here's what to do

> So to start, I tipped some paint into a bowl, I then soaked the bottom of the sponge. A sponge is easier than a brush when covering skin.

> One by one, they let me paint their feet and they stood on the piece of card stock.

> Then the boring bit........ letting it dry (honestly didn't take long)

> I then cut around the feet, leaving a white boarder, they are bunny ears after all!

> Then I cut the head bands out. I made them ruler thickness, just to make my life easier. Measured heads, and stapled.

> Finally I heated my hot glue gun and glued the ears to the head band. This is just so instant, which is pretty important when it comes to kids activities.

So look, I got my family picture, no air brushing, or glamorizing here, lol.

Check them out!

But lets face it, the older kids pretty much had to hold the little man's hands down.

Note: Tom has barely taken his off since, at time of writing this post I have one said bunny sitting on my lap!



Hi Mandy,

Thanks for giving me permission to use your article here on Can Do Kids Crafts.

I am sure my visitors will really appreciate your simple CanDo Easter Crafts idea.

Thank the children for me once more.

Mandy has a wonderfully cute Blog over at A Little Space Like Home

Marylyn(Nannie CanDo)

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