Easter Hats Are Fun To Make

Very Easy Easter Bonnets - Part 2

Easter Hats - Part 1

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Making Easter Bonnets/Hats isn't just fun, it's also an opportunity to teach them about Spring, the wonderful and positive time in the year where new life is celebrated and enjoyed.

How to Make an Easter Hat
Materials That You Will Require

tootsie in easter hat

  • 1 paper or plastic dinner plate
  • 1 paper or plastic dessert bowl
  • Scrunched up tissue paper, cellophane, wood wool or raffia.

    Anything that will fill the dessert bowl

  • Paper ribbon, you could also use crepe paper strips or normal ribbon
  • Silk or paper flowers
  • Stickers or cut out shapes

  • Easter eggs, decorated ones or real foil covered chocolate ones
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft Glue

Easy To Put Together

2 bowls

Step 1

Take the 2 bowls and Punch a hole on opposite sides of the dinner plate

ribbons and plate

Step 2

Take 2 pieces of ribbon or crepe paper strips and thread through each hole

Secure with staples.

decorate plate rim

Step 3

Using craft glue, double sided tape or staples decorate the brim of the hat.

Step 4

Stick the Easter eggs together in a bunch using double sided tape.

fill the centre of bowl

Step 5

Take the dessert bowl and make 2 holes in the bottom of the bowl then thread some ribbon or raffia through.

Step 6

Fill the centre with scrunched up tissue or crepe paper, raffia or wood wool

Step 7

Put the bunch of Easter eggs on top of the filling and tie securely.

finished easter hat

Step 8

Stick some double sided tape to the center of the dinner plate and secure the dessert bowl.

Your Easter Hat Is Ready
Show It Off At The Easter Hat Parade

pretty decorated hat

A simple way to make an Easter bonnet is to just simply decorate a straw hat with all sorts of bits and pieces.

These can be stapled, tied or glued onto the hat.

Pipe cleaners can be used to make flowers to attach to the hat.

Don't forget those little fluffy chickens and bunnies you can find in the supermarket or thrift stores.

fluffy chickens and egg

Another very easy way to make an Easter Bonnet is to just use a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut shapes along one side.

Cut out egg shapes, bunny ears and flowers and staple onto the hat.

Decorate it with anything you want to use...feathers, slickers etc

Join the ends fitting it around your Poppit's head.

kid in decorated paper Easter hat

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Did you make an Easter Bonnet/Hat?

Want to Show it off?

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