Easy Halloween Crafts: Jigsaws

Making jigsaw puzzles are easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers or kids of all ages, that can be brought out each year. Make several puzzles every year for Halloween and turn this into a family tradition. A great way to collect memories for the family album.

Materials required

  • Halloween photo or picture from a magazine
  • Clear laminating envelope
  • Scissors
  • Clear cellotape


  • Put the picture into the laminating envelope
  • Feed this through the laminating machine carefully
  • Cut this laminated picture into different shapes for the puzzles, trimming off all the laminate overhang. Little ones can cut straight lines, curves even circles. Nothing has to be even as it all will fit together anyway make as many shapes as you want or as few.
  • You may need to secure the edges with cellotape.

If you don't have a laminating machine then glue the photo/picture onto a piece of cardboard

Cover this with clear contact (optional, but helps keep it in good condition).

Cut out the shapes for the puzzles

Kids Halloween Party Idea

Making these jigsaw puzzles is a great Halloween party activity. Take a photos of the party kids and then print them out for each child.

Get them all to make their own Halloween Party Puzzles to take home!

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