Free Easter Cards

Make Free Easter Cards easily with recycled egg cartons. Nannie CanDo shows you how, with a little extra imagination your Poppit can learn a little about recycling the common old egg carton and at the same time create a very unique Easter gift.

colored eggs in carton

after painting the eggsHave you had fun coloring Easter eggs this year?

Clear away all the egg dying paints (you may like to store these in air-tight jars for more craft projects) and set up your paints for the next exciting craft creation...the free Easter card.

How about turning the egg carton into one of Nannie CanDo's Easter gift ideas!

Put down some newspaper and pop on a painting smock or one of Daddy's old shirts.

You will need...

  • Plain white paper
  • An empty egg carton
  • Paint and paint brushes, you could even use spray paint
  • Craft glue or hot melt glue
  • Shredded clear or colored cellophane
  • Photo of you or a picture that you love
  • Colored ribbon or raffia
  • Shredded wood wool(optional)
  • Stickers(optional)
  • Glitter

How To Make Free Easter Cards

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 1

Paint the egg carton all over, inside and out. Use 1 or more different colors. You could even paint designs, dots, stripes, swirls etc.

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 2

Cut piece of white paper the size that will fit on the front of the egg carton. You could decorate the edges with paint or glue ribbon around the border.

Frames are great...Perhaps make a straw frame by gluing colored straws around the edges of the paper.

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 3

Choose a photo or a picture that you love and glue this onto the paper.

This is then glued onto the front of the egg carton.

You could even add your hand print. Just paint your hand, press it onto the paper and there you are, a very personal picture of you!

green painted hand

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 4

Add shredded or scrunched up cellophane to each of the sections of the egg carton.

You could even use tissue paper or perhaps colored tissue serviettes(you can get these in any color at any supermarket and make handy additions to the craft box!

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 5

Pop 1-2 or more little chocolate Easter eggs into each section, most supermarkets have a bag of these in lots of pretty foil colors.

Maybe add a little yellow chicken in some of the sections instead of the eggs.

basket of little eggs

free easter cards steps bunny icon

Step 6

Close the lid over and tie a raffia or ribbon bow around the egg carton.

How To Make A Free Easter Card Tag

  • Cut out a piece of colored construction paper in the shape of an egg
  • Punch a hole in the top end
  • Add a finger print signature or write your name
  • Tie it onto your free Easter card egg carton

Would you like to show off your egg carton Easter Card?

Fill in the details here at Show and Tell as we would love to see what your creation looks like.

linking bunny icon Perhaps you could make an Easter bunny with a pipe cleaner.

linking bunny icon What about changing the Mothers day Card into an Easter card!

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Happy Easter!

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