Homemade Mothers Day Gifts
Part 1

Fake Stained Glass

Make homemade Mothers Day gifts with your little ones using easy to find materials and simple techniques and tips.

Within these next few pages Nannie CanDo, with the help of some of her friends, will provide all the tips and suggestions you will need to create some fantabulous Mothers day gifts.

So without further a do, let's begin!

fake stained glass

Part 1-Fake Stained Glass

collage of fake stained glass production

I borrowed the inspiration for this selection of homemade Mothers Day Gifts for mother from Abigail and Sam.

Thank you both for such an easy, CanDo kids craft projects idea.

Materials You Will Need

  • Plain colored construction paper
  • Clear contact paper
  • Tissue paper or cellophane (different colors)
  • Heart shape template/s
  • 2 x strips of sturdy cardboard, you could use pieces of cut up food cartons
  • White or colored blank sticker
  • Scissors
  • Clear sticky tape and craft glue
  • Photo of your little Poppit
  • Hole punch, optional
  • Ribbon, string, wool scrap or raffia, optional

How To Make Fake Stained Glass

step 1 fake stained glass

Steps 1+2+3

# Cut 2 square or rectangle shapes of clear contact paper

# Attach a strip of cardboard at the top and bottom of 1 piece of the peeled contact
# Cut up the tissue paper or cellophane into assorted shapes and sizes

step 2 fake stained glass

Steps 4+5

# Cover all the clear sticky section of the contact with the paper shapes

# Peel off the backing paper from the other piece of contact and carefully lay it over the first.

Press out any air bubbles

step 3 fake stained glass

Steps 6

# Cut the cardboard off the top and bottom

step 4 fake stained glass

Steps 7+8

# Using the heart template place it onto the fake stained glass sheet and cut around it.

Keep the cut off section to the side.

I found some heart shape post it notes that were easy to use.

Peel one off and stick it to the fake stained glass, makes it easy to cut around.

# Take the blank sticker and write your message, your name or your mark.

I love the scribbles the little ones leave, at least they know what they mean.

step 5 fake stained glass

Steps 9

# You can now stick this fake stained glass heart to the window using sticky tape

Make as many as you like.

Perhaps make flower shapes for something different or make geometric shapes.

This is a great way to learn about circles, rectangles, squares etc

step 6 fake stained glass

Steps 10

# Take a piece of colored construction paper and fold it in half.

Glue the cut out scrap fake stained glass off cut section onto the front of the card.

step 7 fake stained glass

Steps 11

# Take your photo and glue it into the cut out heart section.

Decorate the rest of the card with whatever you like.

Make sure you write Happy Mothers Day and sign your name.

Pop over here to Mothers Day Cards for some unique ways to sign the card.

step 8 fake stained glass

Steps 12

# You may like to attach some string, wool etc to your fake stained glass heart and let it hang free in the window to catch the light as it moves around.

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