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Homemade Wrapping Paper, kids and Christmas all go together to produce fun and creative family bonding time. A winning combination to create timeless memories.

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You have to love the Festive Season's Colors, the glitter, the baubles, the tinsel and the excitement!

Santa's Coming!

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Most of these materials make up a really good staple of craft supplies. Gather as many of these as you can to really get a great start on your masterpiece!

post it note for things to do

  • Brown paper, can use recycled paper bags or purchase a roll of fresh paper
  • Large plain butcher's paper or old newspaper that you can paint a background color onto
  • Christmas pictures cut out from old magazines
  • Christmas themed rubber stamps or make your own from cut out sponge/vegetables(eg, potatoes) ro heavy duty cardboard
  • Cookie cutters, eg: star shapes
  • Ribbons, different colors and widths and textures
  • Doilies
  • Sequins
  • Glitter
  • Letter Stencils
  • Poster or Tempura paint and paint brushes
  • Glue and cellotape
  • Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Pegs and wire coat hanger
  • Xmas colors of construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • felt tipped pens, crayons and coloring pencils

The idea of allowing the kids to do their own thing is so that every creation is personally unique and individual.

Idea 1 for homemade wrapping paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper/Collage--Method

Magazines# Take the cut out pictures and glue them onto a large piece of paper.

Let the kids go crazy with the pictures overlapping the edges isn't a problem as you can trim the edges later on.

# Peg the finished collage onto the wire coat hanger and allow to dry.

# You may need to weigh the collage down...just attach several weighted pegs to the bottom of the collage.

# ****A grown up may need to iron your magnificent masterpiece flat!

penguin tip

Here's a Penguin Tip..."Spray your work of art with some clear gloss to preserve it!"

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Idea 2 for homemade wrapping paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper/Christmas Stamped Paper--Method

# Use Christmas Stamps, star cookie cutters, sponge cut into shapes such as stars, tree, Santa hat, holly leaf or berries.

A potato stamp makes for a great Eco friendly tool.

# Dip whatever you choose to use into the paint and wipe off the excess if you need to, then away you go...all over the paper.

# You could even get the kids to make different colors and shapes for different people and with a colored felt tipped pen write that persons name all over the paper!

# Spray with clear gloss and allow to dry hanging the weighted down paper from a wire coat hanger.

potato printing yellow stars

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Idea3 for homemade wrapping paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper/Decorated Christmas Paper--Method

# Take a plain piece of paper, you could even use old newspaper here and paint it different colors.

# Allow the kids to decorate it with all sorts of things like ribbon, cut out shapes, doily bits(they look like little bits of snowflakes) and anything else that resembles Xmas. Glue, tape or staple these onto the paper.

# Get the kids to draw Santa, stars or anything they feel like...oh and don't forget the cotton wool and glitter!

# You could border the paper with lacy ribbon to give the paper a.......

classy look

# What about creating a theme...a red, green, gold, silver etc collage of bits and pieces, you could even get the little ones to stencil their name on the masterpiece.

# Spray the whole thing with clear gloss, allow to dry. This of course is a little bulky to use when wrapping up a prezzie but I am sure with a little care You can do it

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Idea4 for homemade wrapping paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper/Christmas Modern Art--Method

homemade wrapping paper 01# Allow your budding Picasso free reign to produce unique modern works of art

# Put protective covers over everything and everywhere.

# Paint smocks on the kids, Dad's old shirts are great to use. Just button them down the back and roll up the sleeves, you could even cut them off.

# Take paints (Christmas colours of course), paint brushes, paint sponges, paint rollers and old tooth brushes and stand back!!!!

homemade wrapping paper 07

Why not let the kids use their fingers, feet or hands.

# Whatever the result, spray with Gloss and hang to dry.

# Why not get your budding artist to leave their little finger, foot or hand print signature. Don't forget to put the date on it and perhaps each year a new masterpiece could be made and collected as a keepsake.

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Idea5 for homemade wrapping paper

Handmade Wrapping Paper/Brown Paper Bag--Method

# Take a Brown Paper Bag

# Stencil a design or glue a recycled cut out Christmas card onto the front.

# At the top of the bag glue a strip of red, green and white construction paper (at the back and front)

# When the glue is dry, hole punch 2 holes either side through the top layers.

# Thread Christmas ribbon through the holes and secure the ends, these become the handles.

Christmas Ribbons

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These simple Kids Christmas Homemade Wrapping Paper Crafts will keep them amused for ages creating fantastic masterpieces... perhaps a Christmas Family Tradition in the making.

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Would you like to show off that great piece of craftwork?

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Maybe win the prize and at the same time it becomes part of the Can Do Kids Crafts Site forever...something for the young ones to show all their!

I do hope that you have had fun and that Nannie CanDo has given you some great ideas.

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homemade wrapping paper 08

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