How To Make Potpourri
Part 3

Happy Mothers Day

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How To Make Potpourri made easy for the little ones with Nannie CanDo's tips and suggestions, creating unique personalized gifts for mom.

This easy CanDo craft will stimulate the senses and at the same time provide a great tactile activity for the little ones.

If collecting the materials from the outdoors, this will give you the opportunity to show your Poppit the wondrous gifts that mother nature can provide and how plants and trees grow.

dried flower

peach dried roses

Making Potpourri has to be one of the most pleasant activities that you can experience.

Whether you buy the ingredients or collect your own, the hands on mixing of the materials and the addition of the complimentary scent that you choose just seems to lift the spirit.

Personally, I love collecting all sorts of dried flowers, seed pods and grasses.

lavender stalk

When the children were younger we used to bring home some great finds from many of our picnic times together.

We took so much pleasure turning these finds into homemade potpourri.

I now carry on this tradition with my grandchildren and they love it!

potpourri jar

Materials Required

  • Dried flowers, seed pods, grasses, leaves, herbs and spices
  • Aromatic oils-most craft stores, bargain shops(Reject) and some supermarkets have an excellent and reasonably priced selection

    My favorites are Rose, Lavender and Eucalyptus

  • Lidded jars make great places to store the mix in (you could use zip top sealed bags
  • To present the potpourri mix as a gift, use organza bags.

    These can come in a variety of sizes and colors.

    Pick these up from any suggested stores above.

Composite of materials used to make potpourri

How To make Potpourri

mixing potpourri

Steps 1+2

# Break up/cut up/pull apart all the dried bits and pieces. Make them as large or as small as you want and mix thoroughly

# Add as many drops of the aromatic oil as you like...deep breathing here, smells lovely!

If you are giving your potpourri mix away, say as a Mothers Day gift or Mother or Grandmother, then fill an organza bag, tie it up with ribbon (this is usually threaded through the bag) and add a small Mothers Day Card

The scent escapes through the organza so a great place to hang this would be in the closet or on a bedhead.

If you have any left over, store it in the jars and keep aside meaningful gifts to give on other special occasions.

dried flowers

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How did your Potpourri turn out?

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pansy flower head Make a Mothers Day Card to go with that Mothers day gift.

pansy flower head Flowers-Potpourri-Flower basket seem to go together.

pansy flower head Show the world you love your Mother

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