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Easy Kids Xmas Crafts...ideas that will keep the kids amused for hours producing that very special Christmas present, card or keepsake.

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Some of the best things about creating Christmas Crafts are...

Christmas Tree ButtonThe bright colors that can be used, the tinsel, beads, ribbons and bows.

Christmas Tree ButtonThe excitement that the coming celebration generates

Christmas Tree ButtonThe imagination in creativity that is stimulated by all that excitement

Christmas Tree ButtonThe grown ups can get to be little ones once more.

Christmas Tree ButtonMost of all it is the smiles on the faces of the children as their creations come to life!

Personally I love any chance to play KID again.

Making presents for Christmas is an age old tradition, sometimes handed down through generations.

Every year Nannie CanDo holds a Photo Crafts Contest and the winner receives a great prize.

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to see the 2010 Winning entry.

Christmas Photo Craft Contest

Children love to give a gift that they have made themselves. In this section of the website I am putting together some really easy Christmas crafts for kids to make up.

As each idea goes up on the site you will be able to click onto the image below.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Making Christmas Cards Christmas Decorations
Christmas Snowglobe Snowmen Crafts Christmas Tree Craft
Free Christmas Crafts Christmas Stocking Recycling Christmas Cards
Christmas Paper Craft Christmas Wreath Craft Angel Crafts
Star Crafts Reindeer Crafts Snowflake Crafts
Santa Craft Christmas Ornaments Christmas Photo Craft Contest

All these Christmas crafts kids you and the children will be able to make up simply making the whole experience a thoroughly enjoyable one.

So lets get into the Spirit of Christmas

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Need more ideas for Kids Christmas Crafts may I suggest that you check out my Christmas Craft Bookshop

I invite you to explore other little projects that Nannie CanDo has in little things to do with your children.

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The Ten Little Indians Project

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Baa Baa Black Sheep Project

red ribbon buttonUse this page for suggested ways on making Christmas Cards.

Change Mother's Day Cards around to Christmas Day Cards and look out for more Nannie CanDo's ideas on making Christmas Cards.

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