Easy Kids Halloween Crafts: Masks

Preschool kids Halloween crafts - masks to wear or make them hand held if they don't like things around their heads.

Easy Paper Cut-Out Mask

This is a very simple idea - cutting out and colouring in to make a Halloween mask in minutes.

Materials required

  • Black or colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Coloring pencils, paint, glitter etc.
  • Straw or slim stick
  • Tape


  • Cut out different shapes for eye openings
  • Color mask and decorate it if you want to.
  • Using the tape, attach the straw to one side

Make up lots of different ones. This can be a great activity for a kids party.

group of cut out masks

Paper Plate Masks

Materials Required


  • If using a mask template print the face out
  • Color it in
  • Cut it out around the edges and glue it onto the plate
  • Cut out 2 eyes
  • Hole punch either side of the make
  • Thread elastic through the holes and adjust the length to fit onto your little Poppit's head
  • You could add cut outs to resemble sharp teeth, blotches of red paint to represent blood etc.

If you are just using the plate on its own without a template cut out, use chenille stems to outline eyes, googly eyes to make wobbly zits/pimples!

Add glitter, paint...all sorts of craft supplies to make the scariest mask around.

compliments of the San Jose Library at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjoselibrary/4298705578/

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