Leis Party Favors

Leis Party Favors add fun and color to all festivities. Join several to make a flower garland. Hang streamers or ribbon as an addition to the decoration.

History Of The Lei

Among residents of Hawaii, the most popular occasions at which the lei can be found are birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals, retirement parties, and bridal showers.

"Non-traditional" materials such as cloth ribbon, sequins, cellophane wrap, curling ribbon, and yarn are often used to fashion leis in various forms today.

Use the leis as a one piece unit or break it up into individual flower pieces suitable to use in easy kids crafts creations.

The flowers are durable yet soft enough to work with. You can glue these onto all surfaces.

# Use a single flower or group several together to make flower petals

# Thread a chenille stem through the hole in the center and attach a bead or button to the stem

# Gather a bunch and make up a flower posie

Assorted Kauai Leis Each

Assorted Kauai Leis Each

Add a festive feel to your luau theme party with these colorful Kauai Leis.

The Assorted Kauai Leis come in an assortment of vivid colors and measure 40 inches long.

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