Making A Gift Basket

Brimming With Love, Kisses And Hugs

Making a gift basket for Mothers Day (or Easter) with the little ones can be so much fun using paper plates, paper flowers and lots of love.

Nannie CanDo shows you how with simple easy ideas for that unique Mothers Day Gift Basket.

Who doesn't love to get flowers on Mothers Day.

The disappointing thing is that you have to throw them out when they finally die off!

This little idea is great for the kids in as much as the flowers never die, fade perhaps but you can at least keep them for as long as you like - handmade paper flowers!

kids crafts notation

Handmade Paper Flowers, these can be as simple or as complicated as your children are capable of making.

For this exercise you will use very easy flat ones made using...

  • Scissors
  • One hole punch
  • Masking or sticky tape
  • Colored construction paper, as many colours as you want
  • Hot melt glue gun and glue or use craft glue, this just takes longer to dry
  • Glitter glue
  • Pretty piece of ribbon tied into a bow
  • Pom poms or colored cotton balls
  • Straws
  • 2 Paper plates, either colored or plain white
  • Felt pens, textas, paints and colouring pencils(optional)

kids crafts green grubYou may like to substitute the construction paper with colored foam cut outs, use buttons for the centres, this is such a pretty look.

The combinations are endless for making a gift basket.

Please note all the cutting parts to be done by a grown up.

kids crafts notation
1. Cut out the shape for the flowers using the coloured construction paper.

You can either use a template or just draw the outline onto the paper and let the littlies cut it out.

kids crafts red flowerCopy this image of a flower shape, you can use your photo editor to re-size.

Print this flower out and paste it onto the construction paper and cut around the outline.

Get the kids to decorate it with paint, glitter glue etc, add a pom pom or cotton ball for the center.

2. Slit the end of the straw and slide the flower head through the slit.

kids crafts construction paper flower

Making A Gift Basket

3. Take 1 paper plate and inside the rim cut out a semi circle so that you now have a handle for the gift basket.

With the cut out piece use it to construct a heart shape and get your Poppit to decorate it.

Punch a hole and add a finger print signature with their name and don't forget to date it.

4. Tape the finished flowers onto this paper plate at different levels, cut the straws where you need to.

5. Take the second paper plate turn it over so that the bottom faces you.

Cut the top off in line with the first plate, see the diagram below and glue the two plates together.

You can use the fast drying hot melt glue.

Not for children's hands as as the glue is very hot and it could burn the skin if they come into contact with it.

Another thing that you can do is take a single hole punch and make holes along the rim of the plates...weave ribbon or even straws through the holes joining the plates together.

6. Glue the ribbon bow to the front plate and tie the heart tag onto it.

kids crafts mothers day diagram

kids crafts pastel basket
There you have it.

A beautiful Mothers day Basket filled with hand made colorful everlasting flowers.

The different combinations for making a gift basket using this idea are endless.

For example...

  • You could turn this into a seasonal basket with all the different colors of each season
  • You could make a fruit basket with fruit shapes instead of flowers
  • Cover and glue cardboard with printed wrapping paper. Perhaps have specific color combinations. You could even use contact paper.
  • What about a new born baby basket
  • Or perhaps a special Easter basket and fill it with foil covered cardboard eggs

kids crafts red tag

Don't forget that wonderful Nannie/Gran/Noni - the kids will love making a gift basket especially for her.

What other Mothers Day kids craft ideas would you like to try out next?

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Perhaps try something a bit different - the Printable Craft Shop sells a series of printable kits that could be used for making a gift basket in the shape of a 3D floral mug

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