Making Mothers Day Cards

Ideas for making Mothers Day cards for virtually nothing; using up scraps of card, paper, magazines etc., having messy fun while creating a fantastic, loving message to cherish forever.

Over the years I have managed to keep quite a few cards that my children have given me and to continue to do this with my grandchildren gives me so much pleasure. Making Mothers Day Cards has become a real family tradition.

Mother's day Cards are special and helping your kids make them from scratch is just as special.

There are lots of different cards that you can make using lots of different bits and pieces - on this page Nannie CanDo will show you 3 different and easy ideas.

The rest is up to you and your imagination.

Making Mothers Day Cards
Flower Pot Power

making mothers day cards flower pot power

We will be making mothers day cards with sweet handmade flowers in recycled cardboard pots.
kids crafts pink heart tab

  • Colored construction paper for the actual card
  • Corrugated cardboard or plain cardbord for the pots
  • Colored wool
  • Small buttons
  • Craft glue
  • Hot melt glue, keep this away from the littlies as it will burn them and please be careful yourself a the glue is quite hot!
  • Scissors
  • Texta, coloring pencils
  • Laminated cut out words (optional)

kids crafts purple heart tab1. Cut the corrugated cardboard to the size you want the flower pot to be.

2. Glue these onto the front of a folded piece of construction paper, just up from the base.

3. Put some glue around the edges of the card's front and stick some wool around the card forming a frame.

4. Take a small piece of wool, the length of a flower stem, and glue it from the top of the pot container.

5. Make 3 woolen bows, these will be the leaves and glue one bow per stem

6. Add a dollop of hot glue a little above the stem and glue the end of some wool to the card, allow to cool slightly then press firmly making sure that the wool sticks.

7. Put some craft glue in this area and Wind the wool around and around to produce a flower head and tuck the end in underneath

8. Drop a little hot melt glue in the center and add a small button.

9. Once the glue has dried, open the card up and add your message.

Either write it onto the card or cut out the laminated words and glue them on.

making mothers day cards finger print

Don't forget to add a finger print signature or...

making mothers day cards lipstick

Perhaps you can leave a lipstick kiss, name and date...but don't use Mummy's best lipstick!

Making Mothers Day Cards
Doily Card

kids crafts pink heart tab

  • Paper Doilys
  • Colored Cardboard
  • Stickers
  • Paint

  • Textas or Colored Pencils
  • Optional Photo
  • Craft Glue
  • Clear or satin finish spray paint
  • Glitter

kids crafts doily1
kids crafts doily2

kids crafts purple heart tab 1. Paint the Doily

2. Glue a photo of yourself or Mummy in the middle of the doily

3. Decorate around the picture with stickers

4. Spray with either clear gloss or satin spray paint

5. Lightly sprinkle glitter over the whole doily

6. Take a piece of folded cardboard large enough for the doily to fit on the front of it. Glue the doily onto it.

7. Write Happy Mothers Day on the front in texta or colored pencil or for a special something different you may have a card left over from last year.

Just cut out the words "Happy Mothers Day" and glue them onto your card.

8. On the inside take another doily and glue it in the center of the cardboard, see the diagram. You can write a message in here eg; All my Love to You

9 On the bottom right hand corner add a thumb print signature with your name and date.

10. Spray all this with the can spray and sprinkle glitter all over it. Allow to dry.

You may like to add some ribbon bows, more stickers, whatever you like, it is your creation and it looks fantastic

Making Mothers Day Cards
Cup Cake

making mothers day cards cup cake

kids crafts pink heart tab

  • Construction Paper, choice of 3 colors from white, tan, chocolate or cream, these will be for the bottom of the cake
  • A piece of complimentary colored construction paper folded in 4...this will be the base card
  • Patterned paper for the icing
  • Scissors
  • Scraps of cardboard to glue the patterned paper onto
  • Craft glue
  • Textas or Coloring Pencils
  • ****Laminated words, see below
  • Craft Glue

*Laminated words for making mothers day cards

# Cut out words from an old magazine.

# Place them inside a laminating envelope

# Heat seal the envelope and cut out the words as required.

kids crafts purple heart tab1. Take a piece of scrap cardboard and glue a cut out piece of printed wrapping paper onto it...this will be the icing for the cup cake.

2. With the 3 chosen pieces of colored construction paper cut out the bases for the cup cakes

3. Glue the base and the icing onto the folded card, 1 cup cake per section.

4. Choose some laminated words that will be a message for Mummy, eg: I love you

5. Print your name and maybe leave a finger print signature as well as the date.

making mothers day cards fingerprint signature

Finger print signature

Dip the tips of your fingers into some paint and gently press them onto the card.

Maybe make a finger print border around the edges of the card

Looking for some easy printable cards to make? The Printable Craft shop sells downloadable cards and kits for making Mothers Day cards for as little as £1.00 (in multiple currencies)

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