Making Sock Puppets

Sock It 2 Me!
Part 1

Hello Poppits,

fish and sock puppet

Enjoy Making Sock Puppets with the help of Nanni CanDo's, (that's me), simple down to earth instructions and unique ideas.

Put on your imagination caps and let's begin with some easy to make puppets, simple enough for little ones to create.

Little people love to role play and sockpuppets allows them the perfect opportunity to play out all types of scenarios.

Here are some unique and slightly NanniCando-ified versions of making sock puppets.

sock and legs

Materials To Use Making Sock Puppets

  • Colorful socks-both grown up size and kid's size
  • Googly eyes

  • Buttons of all shapes and sizes
  • felt scraps, all colors
  • Wool/yarn pieces tied into bundles for hair
  • Raffia tied into bundles for hair
  • Colored ribbon bows
  • Scissors, craft glue, hot melt glue

toe socks

toe sock puppetsStep 1 On each of the toe sections glue on either googly eyes or buttons (you could sew these on to keep them in place)

(I found if you are glueing them on then using hot melt glue is better as these sockpuppets are going to see a lot of action...


Hot melt glue can be very hot so be extra careful not to get it close to your skin!)

Step 2 Cut out "little" pieces of felt in the shape of a mouth-smiling or straight or circles and ovals and glue under the eyes, see the photo.

Step 3 Glue onto each toe sock puppet a ribbon bow, hair bundle or small dolls hat.

You could even make up little hats out of fabric, perhaps use a material flower to decorate your little friends.

Now Comes The Fun Part

  • Put your Toe Socks on.
  • Lie down with your feet in the air and all have a sock puppet conversation with each other
  • Stand up and take your friends for a walk
  • Why not have a race with the toe sock puppets on your friend's feet, Which team wins?

The Ultimate Easy Recycled Sock Puppet

sock on line

It's Done It Again!

Do you have a monster living in your washing machine that gobbles up socks?

My monster is very cunning though it only takes 1 sock from a pair!

No need to worry...

You can now turn those little orphan socks into a fun sockpuppet friend.

  • Just add either buttons or googly eyes as before
  • Add a button or a felt shape mouth

  • dragon sock puppets
    If the sock is a long one glue on a piece of felt strip cut with zig zags on one side-great for dinosaurs and dragons
  • If you are making characters then use bundles of yarn, raffia or ribbon for hair.

easy sock puppet

sock puppets at play

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Sock Puppets Part 2

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