Mothers Day Poems

Those Mothers Day Poems written by our children become some of the most cherished words that we will ever receive. See how to preserve and display them so that you may have them forever.

Nannie CanDo shares with you some simple ways to preserve those precious words

Involve the little Poppit of yours and see the delight on their faces as they see that their labor of love is not taken for granted.

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I am sure that you are no different to Nannie CanDo.

I love to read how my children and grandchildren feel about me.

The other thing I get a kick out of is reading their Mothers Day Poetry as they have matured throughout the years.

Even now when we give cards to each other we always feel cheated if there is no poem or essay inside.

You never know when or where those words may pop up again. Perhaps that little poem may well be handed down for years to come.

Here are examples of how some Mothers Day Poems have been passed on down through the generations for all to enjoy.

So when you do get that special Mothers Day Poem what do you do with it?

One simple Question...

Do you want to display it or just preserve it?

If the craft work is 2 dimensional ie flat, you may like to consider laminating the work.

kids crafts laminator

The Home Laminator is sold in supermarkets, larger stores like KMart etc and stationers.

The laminating pockets come in different sizes and these can be purchased at the same places.

The little machine is very easy to use, even the children, under supervision, can use it.

They are not very expensive and you will be amazed at the number of things that you can laminate.

Kid's art and crafts, photos, certificates, documents and so forth.

kids crafts lamination

Once laminated you have a choice to file the mothers day poem away or you may like to scrapbook it.

Gather up a piece of ribbon, a small piece of that mother's day wrapping paper from your gift, a photo of the Poppit and even a small scrap of their hair.

Put it all together onto a page in a special Mothers Day Scrapbook (Album), date it and turn each page into a new year's Mothers Day Poem.

Now you have a perpetual album, your very own littlie's love journal.

How interesting this will be to look back through this as the years go by...I wish I had done that and not just lock the individual pieces away!

Perhaps turn this into a family tradition to hand down through future generations... just a thought.

kids crafts contact paper

If you don't have a laminator then you can simply use clear contact paper.

Just cut to size and peel an end, lay it on the item and gently fold back removing the backing paper.

I use a ruler to smooth out any air bubbles that may form.

You may like to Display your Mothers Day Poem

kids crafts old framesThe best way to display these beautiful words is in a frame, either new or old (I love to hunt out disused frames in thrift/op shops).

Get your Poppit to paint the old ones up or decorate them with paint, clitter and bits and pieces.

Most frames come with glass and backing boards.

The boards can be painted and decorated as well.

Glue the Poem onto the backing board, get the Poppit to sign it, perhaps leave a finger print, and date it.

Add glass if it is 2 dimentional or if special effects have been added leave the glass off.

As a finishing touch, give the whole thing a spray with clear gloss or satin spray to preserve and protect it.

Hang the creation with the original picture wire or attach strong ribbon or twine and there you have it.

A Mothers day Poem to remember and in a place where everyone can see it.

Maybe next year you can replace it with a new one and store the other away to enjoy down the track.

kids crafts frame the poem1

You might like to frame your Mothers day Poem together with your child's handprint signature. Either an outline or an actual handprint.

For an outline, pop a rubber glove onto the Poppit's hand and spray around the fingers.

You can buy a box of colored gloves at most supermarkets, very handy to keep in the craft supply pantry

If you prefer to make a frame then use...

Material 4 cardboard strips.

1) Staple these at the corners to make a frame shape.

2) Decorate it with Popsicle sticks, straws, colored cotton wool balls, ribbons, buttons in fact anything that a creative mind can find to use. You can get your Poppit to simply just paint it.

3) Cut a piece of backing cardboard, paint it up and tape it to the frame.

4) Add the Mothers Day Poem, decorations, signature(fingerprint) and date.

5) Make 2 holes either side at the top and attach some colored wool, twine or ribbon.

Now hang this totally handmade masterpiece for all to see.

Have you ever received any Special Mothers Day Poems?
Want to share it with all of us?

What has your Little Poppit Created ?

Do you have a great story about this? When did you receive it and apart from who gave it to you, why is this one so special? Share it with us!

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