Making Paper Bag Puppets
Is So Easy

colored paper bag puppets
Making Paper Bag Puppets provides children with a top opportunity to use their imagination creating hand puppet creatures, puppet animals and puppet characters.

Children are always fascinated by puppets and they can give a child an opportunity to interact with others and role play out fantasies and different situations.

Children sometimes find it easier to express themselves through this secondary medium

bored child

When boredom sets in it is time to bring out THE BOX"...


  • Crayons/Markers/Paint
  • Scrap paper/Cardboard/Construction paper
  • Foam/felt shapes
  • Wool/Material scraps
  • Feathers
  • Buttons
  • Cotton balls/cotton wool
  • Googley eyes
  • Craft Glue/Scissors

In fact anything that you can glue onto the bag to decorate it to make the best bag puppet ever!

Paper bag Puppet Bella

"Hello, My name is Bella...What's Yours?"

Basic Method Making Paper Bag Puppets

Step1Lay the bag down flat with the folded bottom facing up. This flap can be decorated to make the face of the hand puppet.

Step2Draw 2 eyes on the flap of the bag, you could also cut out colored paper into round/oval shapes, black and white. Buttons or googly eyes make great puppet eyes.

Step3Cut out a piece of red colored paper for a tongue...get your little Poppit to look at your tongue, draw it onto a piece of paper, cut it out and glue it onto the underside of the laughing!

Step4Draw the nose onto the flap or use a pom pom. You could even cut out a piece of colored paper or foam or felt in the shape of a beak. Use an old lipstick for lips or cardboard cut out, you could use felt or foam or just use markers.

Step5If you are making an animal cut out the shape of the animals ears, legs, tail etc and stick them to the sides of the paper bag.

Step6Glue yarn/wool, ribbon or shredded paper/magazines onto the top of the flap to make the hair.

Step7Decorate the rest of the bag with markers, stickers, scraps of material for clothes or colored paper cut out to look like clothing.

preschooler with paper bag hand puppet

How Do I "Puppet"?


Put your hand inside the bag, slide your fingers into the flap part and move them up and you are waving to someone.

The flap moves with your fingers making it look like your paper bag puppet is talking.

"What is it saying?"

paper bag puppet dog

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