Easy-Peezie Pipe Cleaner Crafts

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green pipe cleanerMaking Pipe Cleaner Crafts with the littlies can be an easy and enjoyable experience and Nannie CanDo is here to help with her Tips and Techniques.

In the olden days when Nannie CanDo was a little girl, general pipe cleaners were used to clean smoker's pipes...

My Papa used to smoke a pipe whenever he was working in the vegetable patch, Nannie wouldn't allow him to smoke it in the house!

Pipe cleaners these days come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some have glittery bits in them, great to make handmade Christmas decorations.

Sometimes called Chenille Stems or Chenille Pipe Cleaners, we can use them to create all sorts of pipe cleaner crafts such as crazy critters, animal crafts, flowers and figurines, picture frames and even jewelery.


How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Necklace

pipe cleaner crafts necklace

  • Choose a pipe cleaner
  • Loop 1 end over on itself and secure
  • Thread colored beads all the way along the pipe cleaner(use different colors, shapes and designs)
  • When you get almost to the end put the end through the loop and bend the pipe cleaner securing it well.

    You should have a circle shape big enough for a necklace.

    If you want to make it longer just join 2 or more pipe cleaners together. Making bracelets is easy just make the pipe cleaner long enough to go around your wrist.

How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Spider

pipe cleaner crafts spider

animated spider

  • Take 4 pipe cleaners and join together in a bundle at the center
  • Cut up pieces of colored wool/yarn about 8cms or 2" long, around 12 pieces should be enough and tie them up in the middle. Using 2 ends of the wool tie them onto the pipe cleaners.
  • Spread the pipe cleaner out and bend to form the spiders legs
  • Tossel the woolly head
  • Glue googly eyes.

    You could even add a long piece of yarn or elastic and turn the spider into a bouncing handmade puppet

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