Rainbow Fish - Paper Craft Project

by Mandy

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Hi, a little while ago we borrowed the Classic 'Rainbow Fish' from the local library.

The kids loved it so much, we were reading it every night before bed.

So the following weekend we decided to make our own rainbow fish.

Using 12 x 12 cardboard (Scrapbooking sheets) I drew and cut out a shape of a fish for them.

Then using scraps of coloured paper I cut out scales. We also made some scales from aluminum foil, to give the fish those sparkly scales.

The kids glued scales to their hearts content. (I did help my 2 year old).

Now their fish take pride of place tacked to their bedroom doors which is where all their special work goes!


I love that book, in fact my kids and their kids love it.

What a great idea.

Doors, walls even the ceiling make great places to showcase your Poppit's works of Paper Crafts for Kids projects.

Thank you Mandy and please thank those adorable Poppits for me as well

Nannie CanDo

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