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This Sitemap will help you find your way around the Can Do Kids Crafts site. The table of contents lists the different sections within the website making it easy to navigate to what you are looking for.

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The Site Content has been divided into sections with each section containing pages that are to do with that specific topic.

Click on any of these topic headings below that may be of interest and you will be directed to that section.

Some sections are quite new and all are in the process of being developed.

May I suggest that you subscribe to my RSS/Blog feed and that way you will be kept up to date.

The Subscription button is over the left side navigation column and is very easy to use. Click your favorite feed and that way you will always be kept up to date.

The CanDo Kids Crafts Sitemap Structure

sign postBelow you will find different sections within the website.

These sections are then divided into categories.

You will notice that these categories are also mentioned over on the navigation bar on the left of the page. On a website these pages are known as Tier2's and have topics listed under them known as tier3's...just like the chapters in a book and this is where most of the body of a website can be found.

The Site Structure looks something like this...

The Home Page | Tier 2 | Tier 3

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Website Content

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Nannie's News

Kids Crafts Blog

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Seasonal Crafts

Easter Crafts for Kids

Kid's Xmas Craft

Christmas Photo Competition-2010

  • 2010 Christmas Photo Contest Winner

Halloween Crafts

  • Halloween decorating Ideas
  • Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes
  • Unique Halloween Costumes
  • Pumpkin Costume
  • Pumpkin Patch Photos
  • Outdoor Halloween Decorations
  • Halloween Puzzles
  • Scary Halloween Masks

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Special Day Crafts

4 Mothers Day

Share Your Mothers Day Craft on the Can Do Kids Crafts Website

Thanksgiving Crafts

This Section is in the process of undergoing major surgery...Nannie CanDo apologizes for the inconvenience.

Make sure that you subscribe to the RSS/Blog feed and that way you won't miss out on the post operative recovery!

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Just 4 Fun

Easy Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts

Nannie CanDo is still putting this section together.

Apologies to you.

She shouldn't be too much longer.

Make sure that you don't miss out, subscribe to her RSS/Blog feed over on the left.

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Books and Reading

Kids Craft Books

  • Ebook Review
  • Buy Books Online

Tell us what your favorite Craft Book is.

Children Learning Reading Program

  • 3 Tips to teach your child to read
  • What is the Best Way to teach children to read?
  • Teaching Letter Names and Sounds
  • What is Phonemic Awareness?

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Video Activities

Nursery Rhyme Songs (coming)

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Have Your Say

Contact Nannie

Show and Tell

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Other Stuff and Nonsense

Introducing Nannie CanDo

Link to Can Do Kids Crafts

Children's Websites

Privacy Policy

The Can Do Kids crafts Disclaimer

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Where Was That Again?

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little girl button linkMoulding Playdough is so much fun

little girl button linkTeach you children Ten Little Indians

little girl button linkEver made Fake Stained Glass?

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