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The Craft Of Loom Knitting

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sock puppet
Loom knitting Puppets is one of the best craft gift ideas to create a homemade birthday gift or present for that special person.

Nannie CanDo shares some tips and techniques.

Knitting looms are ideal for producing tubes of knitting in plain or stripes of colors and if you are adventurous lots of different designs.

A perfect can do craft for you, the grown up, where you can make the base for the sock puppet and then get your little Poppit to decorate it with buttons and bits and pieces.

Perhaps you could teach this fascinating craft to your child as he or she grows up.

These puppets make a fantabulous craft birthday gifts idea.

There's nothing more personal than a homemade birthday gift and I guarantee that your Poppit will be inundated with request for more.

sock puppet birthday present

Excellent Loom Knitting Tutorials

loom knitting

Michael Sellick, author of The Crochet Crowd has put together a selection of easy, cando instructional videos on the art and craft of Loom Knitting.

Michael explains in simple, easy to understand language the techniques and tips that can turn a ball of wool into a work of art.

Basic Materials Required

loom knitting materials
Here, Michael discusses the types of yarns to use, the positioning of the loom when working and the different types of looms that you can use.

Loom Knitting-How To Start
Circular Loom

loom knitting how to begin A
This video shows how to cast on and knit the rows. I found these 2 visual tutorials easy to watch and the technique very easy to follow.

circular loom knitting
For an actual puppet body you can make the length as long as you want it to be.

Loom Knitting-Cast Off-Bind Off
Circular Loom

circular loom casting off
Michael shows us a simple cast off method that is guaranteed never to unravel.

And here is a method that you can use producing an open end that you can sew together to give a flat edge enclosing the fingers for the hand puppet...

How To Cast Onto A Straight Loom

cast onto straight loomThis apparatus is used for flat loom knitting.

Create a length, you choose the cast on width that when halved fits the hand snugly.

After casting off you can sew 3 sides together to create a glove or sock puppet for your Poppit to decorate with buttons and bows etc.

Finish/Cast Off
Straight Loom

casting off on straght loom
Flat Looming cast off is easy following Michael's easy tuturial.

animated rainbow line

Loom Knitting Socks

loom knitting socks book Loom Knitting Socks: 50 Easy No-needle Designs for All Loom Knitters

Socks are amazing to create. A bit of magic happens when you are playing with your yarn and loom.

These simple plastic looms are a larger version of the old "knitting Nancy" so many of us played with as children, but can be used to make all manner of useful and attractive items.

It all starts just like a hat, just a simple tube and then you begin knitting a flat panel.

You incorporate a few short rows and you have as if by magic made a small cup to fit your heel perfectly.

This book includes everything you need to know to master round and straight loom knitting, quickly and easily - from technical know-how to instantly appealing designs.

It is easy and fast and you will be getting the technique down in a few hours.

Socks are the perfect project to have lying around. Pick up whenever, add a few rows while watching TV and in no time you will have made the basis of an amazing sock puppet for your little one to decorate.

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animated rainbow line

Now that you have made up the base for the sock puppet your little Poppit can add the buttons, the ribbons, the bundle of wool scrap hair, in fact anything that they want to put on it.

Like to show us your Sock Puppet?

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Paper bag Puppets are fun to make too!

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Pipe Cleaners make great finger puppets as well!

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