Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Mini-Scrapbook

by Debs

Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook

Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook

Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook
Tags Inside the Toilet Paper Tubes
Decorated Toilet Paper Tube
Recycle Your Toilet Roll Tubes!

This is a wonderful toilet paper tube craft - make a mini-scrapbook with removable tags to pull out of the squashed, embellished rolls. It's a great way to recycle odds and ends in your craft box, and use up small scraps of card and paper.

Craft Supplies Needed:

  1. 6 Toilet roll tubes

  2. Ribbon, string, cord etc

  3. Hole punch

  4. Scraps of card

  5. Craft paper scraps

  6. Embellishments

  7. Ruler

  8. Scissors/craft knife

Making the Toilet Roll Tube Scrapbook

  1. Take the toilet roll tubes and flatten them down, punching a hole in one end.

  2. Seal the end that is hole punched and decorate the tube.

  3. Cut out 6 tags to fit inside your tube and punch a hole in the angled end.

  4. Decorate the tag as you would a scrapbook page, with your photo and thread a ribbon through the end.

  5. Do all of this with each tube and each tag.
    Once everything is decorated, tread a ribbon through all the tubes and tie together like a book, the tags then slot into the open end of the toilet roll inner.

  6. I'm sure you'll agree this looks really cute and would make a lovely gift.

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I love this
by: Tina

I started this project today, it's so fun! I just need some more TP rolls to finish the books, but I have two covers done so far. :P Thanks so much for posting this.

One of the best toilet paper roll crafts I've seen so far!
by: Adele (Admin)

Hi Debbie, thank you for sending us these instructions; I've never seen one of these mini-scrapbooks before but they really are rather cute!

Perfect for a rainy day craft since you don't have to have anything special except the toilet roll tubes - and it uses up any waste ribbon, buttons, paper and card etc

Love it!

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